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At KA GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS, we believe that an insurance policy’s most tangible benefit is the service received when a claim or potential claim is notified. This is the fulfilment of the Insurers’ promise to the Insured – to pay valid claims. At KA GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS, this means:A claims team with many years’ experience in dealing with claims against the whole spectrum of risks that we insure. We fully understand the reputational and financial implications of a claim on a business, and we ensure this process is proactively managed from first notification onwards.

A responsive, efficient and personal service.Being pro-active, problem-solving and solutions-focused.

  • Adopting a collaborative approach that recognises and values the importance of all parties working together.
  • Active and clear communication being key from first notification right through to final resolution.

How does our hands-on claims commitment work in practice?

  • Acknowledging all new notifications within 2 working days supplying our initial comments and feedback on the information provided.
  • Having bespoke KA GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS Notification Forms to ensure easy and efficient collection of information, getting the claim notification off to the most effective start.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the information provided to us and giving our considered advice on the merits, value and handling of any potential claim or claim.

Helping to compile draft letters of response to claimants for Insurers’ approval.

Negotiating with Insurers and their solicitors/loss adjusters to ensure that the Insured’s best interests are protected. Providing regular updates to our clients.

  • Maintaining an accurate record of all claim circumstances and claims notified to us, including reserves held and payments made by Insurers, where known.

We truly believe that we add real value to the claims process.